Ice Hotel Guide

While most of us would prefer to vacation in warm, sunny parts of the planet, others are brave enough to try a new adventure in the opposite direction. There are only a handful of hotels on the planet that are made by combining snow and ice, and this website is a guide to these magnificent creations. We only focus on the hotels that are still open for people to visit.

Beautiful Nature

Some call this type of vacation eco-tourism or sustainable tourism while others consider it torture to take a holiday in the cold. Regardless of what you call it, ice hotels provide a unique experience for its guests. They tend to be located in slightly or very remote regions surrounded by fantastic landscapes and wildlife.

The Ice Hotels

This site discusses the ice hotels located in the following places:

Remember that this is just a guide and you should always check with the hotels themselves to be sure that you have the most current and accurate information such as rates and amenities. Ice hotel packages are probably available but keep in mind that even if only a relative few are gutsy enough to stay in an ice hotel, they still fill up as that minority still represents a lot of people! Note that in some cases like the Ice Hotel in Quebec, tourists can visit for a nominal fee, even if they don’t stay for the night.

More Snow Hotels

There are ice palaces and snow palaces that are built during the winter months in various months, such as the ice palace built in Quebec City for the annual Winter Carnival. However, a full-fledged ice hotel is typically much larger and ready to accommodate nightly guests. In other cases, snow hotels have been built but were not meant for travelers on an annual basis. For example, the Aurora Ice Hotel was located an hour away from Fairbanks, Alaska but it was converted to a museum. Finally, if you want another, similarly unique experience, try the Palacio de Sal (Salt Palace) in Bolivia which as its name suggests, is made entirely from salt.

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