The ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjarvi

The ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, is the largest ice hotel in the world. This hotel is surrounded by the River Torne, and draws its inspiration from the water and ice that flows through the river each winter season. The ICEHOTEL features comfortable and warm accommodations, many activities, and a world famous Icebar. Recently, the hotel added an additional Icebar that is slightly different from the original.

Tourists of all ages are invited to stay at the ICEHOTEL. As the hotel management explains to all of its guests, the ICEHOTEL was originally designed as a sort of art project that eventually became known all over the globe. Each year, construction crews harvest blocks of ice from the River Thorne in order to rebuild the hotel. Today, the ICEHOTEL is a popular destination for families, couples, conferences, and those who enjoy nature.

ICEHOTEL Activities

The ICEHOTEL offers guests activities throughout the year. Summer activities include river tours and rafting trips. Winter activities include dog sledding, skiing, snowmobiling, and various other winter sports. It is also possible to arrange a trip to northern Norway in order to enjoy the Fjords.

Technical adventures are also part of the ICEHOTEL experience. Visitors can take a look at the ICEHOTEL’s Space Center, view behind the scenes details of the hotel itself, and learn about metals and gemstones with special metals courses. There really is something for everyone to enjoy at the ICEHOTEL whether or not you are into sports.

Getting to the ICEHOTEL

The ICEHOTEL is located approximately 12 kilometers from Kiruna Airport in Sweden. In order to reach the hotel, travelers must arrange a pick-up with hotel staff. Alternately, a private car can be hired to meet visitors and transport them to the ICEHOTEL. Reservations to stay at the ICEHOTEL can be made through the ICEHOTEL’s website or through a travel agent.


Overnight accommodation rates fluctuate from season to season. Tourists may find that some travel agents offer complete ICEHOTEL packages that include flight and accommodation rates. On average, an overnight stay at the ICEHOTEL costs approximately 1750 SEK (around $217 USD). Make sure to book your night at the ICEHOTEL in advance, since this hotel fills up quickly.

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